Adventure tour of Murmansk and Kola Peninsula

This program is aimed at adventurous people who want to see the other side of Russia and discover what is hidden in its remote corners, admire the natural beauty of small provinces, and feel special by crossing the polar circle. The Kola Peninsula is waiting for you to explore it!

Day 1. Arrival to Murmansk. City sightseeing
Day 2. Following the traces of Leviathan
Day 3. Sami Village
Day 4. Departure

day 1 Arrival to Murmansk. City sightseeing

You will most likely come to Murmansk by plane or train coming from Moscow or Saint Petersburg. No matter which way you choose, the guide will meet you and take you to your hotel or apartment where you can have a rest after your flight and leave your luggage before the first acquaintance to the city.

Then the city tour starts. It will not take long but it is pretty sure you will be impressed to see the contrast between the big metropolis of Moscow or the splendid beauty of Saint Petersburg and the charm of a small northern town surrounded by the mountains. You will see the monument to the heroes of WWII; a memorial dedicated to the crew of Kursk submarine, sank into the Barents sea in 2000; the Five Corners Square, the main square of Murmansk; the most northern McDonalds of the world and a panoramic view of Norway borders.

The final destination of the tour is the inside visit to “Lenin” — the first nuclear-powered icebreaker. You will explore the cabins of the crew, the instrument house, meeting hall, and other parts of the former hero of Russian navigation.

After the excursion, you can either stay at the hotel or walk on your own but it is highly recommended to visit the night trip to hunt the Northern lights. Your chances are higher if you try to see Aurora daily during your stay in Murmansk. You will be met at the hotel lobby at 22:00 and taken to Murmansk suburbs, and if you are lucky enough, you will see the natural phenomenon, while the guide will be taking pictures of you using a professional camera. The trip lasts till approximately 1 a.m.

day 2 Following the traces of Leviathan

Have you ever dreamt of finding yourself in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by virgin nature, fresh air, and a wild ocean? Today you are traveling to the end of the world: Teriberka village, you may have heard of it before if you have seen the Leviathan movie.

On the way to the destination, you will have a couple of stops to feel the beauty of the endless tundra which looks fantastic at any time of the year.

Teriberka looks truly authentic, even though it is a popular tourist destination. Here you will have a chance to ride snowmobiles, see the old wooden ships and watch time stops on the shore of the never-freezing Barentz sea.

You will have lunch in a panoramic restaurant with an ocean view and enjoy Russian northern cuisine.

If you are not too exhausted — you will have to come a long way to go to Teriberka and back — you are welcome to the Northern lights hunting again at night.

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day 3 Sami Village

Today it is time to see how nature can be transformed in human’s hands and also meet cute creatures who inhabit the Sami folk village.

After breakfast, you are going to head straight to Monchegorsk, a town in the Kola Peninsula. Sami Village is the aim of the trip - this is a tourist village designed by genuine Sami folks to resemble their authentic settlements. Here you have plenty of things to do — cuddle the cute rabbits running around the territory, feed the reindeer, meet the moose, dress in the national Sami costumes, and play their traditional games.

After lunch with friendly Sami people, you will have time to get back to Murmansk and have a rest till the night Northern Lights hunting.

day 4 Departure

It is time to leave Kola — with the best memories and impressions. Don’t forget to take some souvenirs with you — you can buy them at the airport departure terminal or the market near the city center.

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